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 Spartan 452 Thraud

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PostSubject: Spartan 452 Thraud   Spartan 452 Thraud I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 16, 2012 8:01 am

Name: Thraud

Service Tag: 254

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Height: 6ft

Colour: Gold and bright red

Armour:(Helmet: pilot)(Chestplate: Hp/parafoil)(Left shoulder: sniper)(Right shoulder: ODST)(Wrist: tactical UPGS)(Utility: UAchobham)(Visor: gold)(Knee guards: FG/Parafoil)

Personality: Quiet but when disturbed,angered

Level/Rank: Corporal

Background: Studied at the new mombassa college in engineering at 19, joined the UNSC at 20 and signed up for the spartan program at 24.Also during combat,he was scared for life when an zealot took of his helmet and clawed his cheek with its fists.
Ever since then he has been quiet for some time but has now learnt to control his silence through his sidearm tucked away in his holster.

Skill Assesment: Hacking,Repairing And Combat

Sample: The warthog flipped over onto its back and rooled over multiple times until reaching a halt.Thraud stumbled out of the wreckage with the help of 2 nearby marines (NPC)."Spartan? You ok?"He grabbed a medkit from the warthog and ingected Thraud with the antibiotics.The 2nd marine saw in the distance a small amount of grunts lead by an elite with 2 jackals.The marine helped Thraud up onto his feet and handed him his sidearm."Take this,and dont loose this,ok?".Thraud just nodded and took cover behing the broken warthog.As the enemy came closer,the overconfident marine shouted"Die bitches!" and sprayed a large amount of rounds,only to hit and kill 1 grunt.

The elite saw him and commanded his squad to get to cover.Whilst also killing the marine.The second marine threw his assault rifle to Thraud and said,"Take this,i dont think im gonna make it,even with this armour on".Thraud took aim at the 1st jackal and opened fire,also to realise he has hit 2 grunts to.He then took fire at the last 2 grunts as only 1 died.The marine found a small pistol and shot the grunt only to be shot by the elite.The elite saw Thraud and began to pin him down whilst ordering his jackal to flank.Thraud opened fire on the jackal and shot it in the head.

He then aimed for the elite as he took aim with his pistol and shot the elite in the stomach.He then rushed over to see the elite gasping for air on the floor.Thraud took aim with his pistol and opened fire numerous times in his head.Suddenly he heard a bussing noise from his helmet.He realised his AI had been injured but had managed to repair himself.He spoke to Thraud saying "And i thought you would never have had the courage to shoot someone in the head".Thraud replied "Enimies arent someone,there something of the past"."Dont worry",replied his AI, "Ive ordered an evac squad to come pick us up".Thraud replied "Looks like we will have to sit tight until then"
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Spartan 452 Thraud
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