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PostSubject: SPARTAN-197   SPARTAN-197 I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 06, 2012 9:52 pm


Name: Cody,Billy

Service Tag: SPARTAN-197 (Service Number: 00123-1125-BCOD)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 6 feet

Colour: Black Armor

Personality: Quiet, but willing to do anything that the commandos say.

Level/Rank: UNSC SPARTAN (Junior Class) (Spec.: Weapons)

ONI Background: Cody lost his father during the Great War. He promised himself that he would avenge his fathers death. He created his own suit and HUD. He even has his own AI program that helps him in combat. He was referred to this unit by Capt. Keyes himself, and then lost his way. He was put through a tough time in the PROGRAM. He was of the shortest stature in his class during training. ONI has classified him as higher than Top Secret. His armor modifications are similar to test subjects in the S8 project that failed.

Conclusion: Mission-Ready; Handy with weapons and vehicles; Transfer to Infinity Base: ALPHA

-Admiral Standford-


Skill Assessment

Sample Post: The SPARTAN walked on in the dreaded cold, hoping to see any of his team over the next hill. His AI announced that enemy forces had been detected. Cody had already known that thanks to Motion Tracker. The SPARTAN grabbed his assault weapon (a M7 60-round smg) and armed himself for what was around the corner.
The SPARTAN turned and found himself face-to-face with a Covenant Hunter, and ran the other way. Ever since he was small, Hunters were his worse fear of all the War. He didn't want to be here, and just as he thought that, he heard a skwak in his radio: This is echo 4556, does any UNSC SPARTANS copy, over? This is my moment to come back into existence!
"This is SPARTAN-197, I hear you echo 4556, over!" He was on his way home, and he would be with his bond-brothers now. But he had to deal with those two Hunters... "Give me a moment, I got an issue to deal with." Then as if a joke, he put hard rock music on the comm.
"Give me a solution, Jeeves," the SPARTAN said to his AI.
"One, moment... There, now your suit will auto-lock onto their most vulnerable spots." Jeeves said in his high-class English accent. "However, I'd recommend you move behind them."
No sooner had he finished one of the Hunters wheeled around the rock to face him. "No, SHIT, Jeeves, NO FUCKING SHIT!"
You need some help, 197? A few grenades, perhaps? Echo 4556 said through his helmet radio.
"Sure if you could spare them!" No sooner he said that did a full grenade belt fall from the sky.
He almost forgot about the Hunter advancing on him, but ignited one of the M9 HE-DP Frag Grenade and through it at the snow below the Hunter's crotch and watched as the fireworks of the M9 blew his bottom half off. It was long enough for him to swing his M7 around and unload a MAG into the Hunters exposed back.
He heard the distant fire of a LAAG and walked around the rock. "You coulda told me you had a Warthog!"
You didn't ask, 197... ready for Dust-Off?
"Yeh, you got a place for me to nodd off?"
Sure! Climb aboard!
"Where you headed, 4556?"
Infinity ALPHA Base
"Good, that's where I'm going as well... get me the HELL outta here!"
Roger, that!
As the Pelican took off the SPARTAN took off his helmet and dosed off against the titanium bulkhead, ready for the next mission.

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