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 Creating Technology Template

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PostSubject: Creating Technology Template   Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:49 pm

I think we should be allowed here on Halo Infinity to create our own technology to be used in the fight. Since the Covenant has relatively superior technology, the UNSC especially should be allowed to create vehicles, weapons, and basic war technology to help add a creative and original flow to the website. But, I also think that every creation go through Slug to be approved, as any and all new tech can turn the tide of battle, and we don't need a lot of unrealistic God Mode weapons. Plus, I think only a handful of creations be made. But anyway, here's the templates:


Purpose of the weapon:

How much ammo it holds:

Type of weapon:

Description of Appearance:


Type of vehicle (RV, Tank, Air Vehicle):

Purpose of vehicle:

Weapons on vehicle (If any):

Description of appearance:

Other Tech:
Name of Tech:

Purpose of Tech:

Description of Tech's uses:

Description of Tech's appearance:
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Creating Technology Template
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