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 Journal of Arlunis, back in the old days

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PostSubject: Journal of Arlunis, back in the old days   Mon Jun 13, 2011 3:16 pm

(This is a journal kept by Arlunis Demundee, back when he was but a minor Sangheili.)

Day 2: The Covenant have excepted me into their military. I feel greatly priveleged, yet I seem to have mixed feeling about this. Many of the ohter alien races are short-tempered and don't even acknowledge my existence. They just see me as another Sangheii who will probably get his butt kicked in a few days. One day, they'll regret that. One day, they'll be taking orders from me. Well, one can only dream. My father had big dreams, and look at him now. He's a Zealot with a large ground force under his sole command. I'm going to make him proud, I swear this on my tombestone.

Day 3: I have been apointed to protect a Covenant base southward of a city on the planet Grega. It's mildly warm here, near the swamp. The other Sangheili are relatively nice towards me. They have the same problems as I do, dealing with the other races. Plus, most of us are rookie's. We have a single leader, a Major Sangheili. Kig-yar regularly patrol around the area, and often slack off. But, then again, so do we.

Day 6: It's been a few days since I last wrote, but that's mainly because not much had happened. A few arguments, some friendly chatter, false alarms, same thing. Ugh, I'm starting to miss home.

Day 8: Ok, you're not going to believe this, but... some of our defense squads were sent away to be deployed in batttle. Most, if not all of them, died as a consequence. That was a close call. If I was sent out there along with them, I could have been killed almost as easily. I'm starting to miss them, and now I've no one to talk to but the lazy Major and a shy rookie. He seems to be cursing to himself at night, every night. I think he may be suicidal. Keeps talking about his mother who was killed in a murder, but cannot leave to go to her funeral. I feel sorry for him.

Day 12: I haven't had much time to talk. We just engaged into a battle with some marines who were sent on a mission to recover information. They killed all the Kig-yar and the shy rookie. The major and I, being the only survivors, alerted the fleeet commander, General Droa to the attack. He had sent down a large squad of Sangheili to track them down. They were specialists at it. After a few hours, they found and boarded their ship. They crashed it and had gotten out to escape before the marines did. None of those marines had survived, and the Special Ops Sangheili had found an artifact, holding bits of information from the Forerunners. After that incident, me and the major had been assigned to a new position; part of the crew on a battlecruiser.

Day 15: Life on the battlecruiser has been boring, as usual. Just walk around, talk to people, and eat food at the cafeteria. The food's not half bad, actually. It's better than my mother's cooking, and I don't say that a lot. There's lots of Unggoy, always chittering phrase's in human words. I still don't know why they do such things. I guess they like black slang.

Day 16: The commander of the ship has just been given an order by the general. Apparantly we're meeting up with 3 other battlecruisers somewhere to engage in battle with UNSC near one of their bases. I can't wait for my second battle. I feel pretty confident.
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Journal of Arlunis, back in the old days
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