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 A new Planet

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A new Planet Empty
PostSubject: A new Planet   A new Planet I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2011 2:17 pm

This post takes place during arrival but almost has completely nothing to do with it.

ODST-89 was walking through the UNSC Forward Command Outpost 5 and sat down in his cabin.Spartan-024 had left two days ago to assist his friend in combat.89 was thinking about what he could do.Then, it hit him. 89 walked down the Outpost to the Planning center. "Captain"he said,"I think that the 'Rebels' or have been discovered to be Space Marines, may have inhabited a near by planet. My plan is to see if there is such a planet and then take it. Space Marines are nothing but trouble anyways." "OK", said the Captain. "I will get in complete contact with General 024 ASAP" So the Captain called 024's pelican and said," General, we think the Space Marines may have a new planet.We are asking to send three pelicans out. One with men,the other with cargo and the third for support for your team. The men and cargo are for the discovery of a planet.If the planet does not exist then we will simply give the other two pelicans too you." "Request granted", said 024."Send me the pelicans right away." 024 hung up. 89 returned to his cabin and went Sleep

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A new Planet
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