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 New galaxy possibly with human homeworld

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PostSubject: New galaxy possibly with human homeworld   Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:01 pm

As we all know, the humans have come from a planet capable of creating and preserving life. However, the discovery of this unknown planet has yet to be achieved. I have sent a few scouts to explore our home galaxy of any humans snooping around for information, and another group to patrol a recently discovered new system.

Called the "sol system", it has several gas giants, quite a few terrestrial planets, and one sun. Relatively small, it may still hold something interesting in there. Human colonies have been reported to settle here in a few congregations, even the extremely cold dwarf planet they seem to call "pluto". We shall check there first to see if they are trying to decieve us by making us think that such a cold planet would not be a good planet for colonizition. Some of my Snagheili forces are near their surface, looking for anything that might be there.

Another terrestrial planet in the sol system, Venus, is actually quite large in comparison to the others. It's relatively hot surface could prove another act to decieve us from where they may set up colinization. As our recent Intelligence shows us, a Very suitable planet for human colonization is of this small, blue planet called "earth". Only having one moon, yet such a large colection of water, this planet appears suitable for life. Perhaps this is the Human homeworld. But before we can make any assumptions, we need to continuoe studying and exploring this new system.
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PostSubject: Re: New galaxy possibly with human homeworld   Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:57 pm

I have recently found out that Pluto the dwarf planet was deemed. A asteroid. the best guess for human colonization and colonies in this system is mars. closest to earth and also has north and south poles equal to that of this earth planet ,meaning it has gravity suitable for life. could there have been life on this planet before?
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New galaxy possibly with human homeworld
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