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 The Attack (an addition to Arrival)

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The Attack (an addition to Arrival) Empty
PostSubject: The Attack (an addition to Arrival)   The Attack (an addition to Arrival) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 03, 2011 9:07 am

Captain Nixon Jones was carrying a file with some battle plans. As he walked into the Forward Command meeting room one of the papers fell. Little did Spartan-500 (Nixon Jones) know that a Covenant General was following him in 100% active camo. The Sangheili picked up the paper and put it in his armor. Spartan-500 then came into the meeting room and said," We have gathered here to discuss Invasion:Meltdown. In this mission we will take Pelicans loaded with slightly cooled lava and make them drop the lava.Then my team and I will drop down and officially begin the attack.Any questions?" Before anybody could ask the alarm rang. The Covenant General thought he was in trouble but then was calmed when an intercom message appeared on the human's screen.
Spartan-024's sounded in static has he said"***This is Spartan-024. My fleet is attacking but the opposing covenant armada seems to be planning. Help is requested***" The transmission ended. The General took out his weapon and turned off his camo as some needless human yelled,"COVENANT!" The general began to charge.

OOC: Slug, can you be the general or something(find a way to sneek out of Arrival for a few minutes than come back). If not maybe Tora can. I will change the General to SpecOps if I have to.

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The Attack (an addition to Arrival)
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