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Join up in the United Nations Space Command or the Covenant Empire. Fight for your belief, your honor, your survival.
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 Basic Rules

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Basic Rules Empty
PostSubject: Basic Rules   Basic Rules I_icon_minitimeThu May 12, 2011 7:01 pm

No Sexism
No Racism
No Ageism
This is a PG - 13 to a Mature forum, so you may swear, but do not swear in every sentence!
*Ex: Holy fuck this shit is da Bitch's knees.* (Or something close to that.)
No Spamming
No Being Mean
No Cheating
No impersonating Moderators
No impersonating Administrators
Do Not Create Multiple Accounts Without Permission
Obey Topic Names Such As [Coporals Only] or [Closed]
Listen to the admins and moderators.
Do not Double-Post - Try to fit everything in one post, if you want to edit it, you have enough time before someone else posts to edit it.
No God-modding - Try to avoid dodging ALL attacks made by your opponent. At least get hit once or twice if you're in battle.
20. No Power-Playing - Do not control someone else's character without the other person's permission
Say that I play Bob, and someone else is Susie.

Bob watched Susie as she started to walk away. he ran up to her, the girl of his dreams, and yelled, "SUSIE, DON"T LEAVE ME!" She turned around, and glared at him, with resentment in her eyes, before walking up to him, slapping him, and then walking away again

As you can see, if this were a post, I'd be typing Bob's actions, as well as Susie's. The fact that I'm typing Susie's actions is power playing
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Basic Rules
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