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 Lerg-volen Elite Flight Officer

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Primary Weapon: Covenant- T1 Energy Weapon/Sword
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PostSubject: Lerg-volen Elite Flight Officer   Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:32 pm

Name: lerg-volen

Gender: male

Height: 7.5 feet

Weapon of Choice: energy sword , plasma pistol
Method of Combat: stealth

Personality: quiet

Level/Rank: officer

Background: born and raised aboard a Covenant vessel sometime before the human and Covenant war. At a early age lerg was forced to fight for his clans honor in a gladiator arena back on Sanghelios, he had successfully disarmed and killed the opponent, but left voiceless due to being stabbed in the throat with a rock, after his experience he got interested with studying mechanics of covenant super carriers, and anything alike. One day well lerg was in his quarters a elite major approached him, and strictly commanded him to the court yard to learn and use handle air and space vehicles in a combat zone, after a few years of lessons and simulators, he was on the battle field. During the Kig-Yar (jackal) and Unggoy (grunt) rebellion lerg had successfully destroyed anti-air batteries and some front line defences of multiple rebel bases which had launched him through the ranks to officer.

RP sample (1 paragraph at least)
Banshee cracked, burning releasing toxic fumes and leaking plasma lerg desperately tried to maintain control of his demolished craft, still defending what little territory the covenant had on harvest. The UNSC prowled through the wreckage as an unstoppable force of unforgivable hatred, amidst the smoke my brethren fight till their last dyeing breath. Who knew such a small and nimble species could annihilate one of our best strongholds. Through confusion lerg flew his banshee right into a hawk the hawk flew down into a anti-air batteries and the batterie retargeted all the soldiers and ... Death.

Through the smoke lerg-volen arose from the corpse of his beloved banshee to see all of the soldiers dead and vehicles drenched in fire, behind the smoke and destruction cheering occurred the stronghold had survived, at a cost.
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Lerg-volen Elite Flight Officer
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