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PostSubject: S343 CODENAME: BANE   S343 CODENAME: BANE I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 03, 2012 10:00 am

CodeName: Bane

Service Tag: S343

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Height: 8'3

Armour: Silver
HEAD: Security
Shoulders: MKV
Chest: Security
Knee pads: Grenadier

Personality: Doesn't speak while alone, but is ready to be a leader whenever in a group.

Level/Rank: Spartan Officer

Background: Spartan 343, Codenamed Bane by his fellow Spartans. He was in a group of three Spartan II's. The two others who where the only ones to know of his true name were killed in action, now he is only known as Bane. Bane survived the attack on reach by escaping in a UNSC Fighter. Being chased by the covenant to Paradise Falls, he killed platoon after platoon of covenant forces. But recently the UNSC discovered his location and he has been brought back into active service.

Skill Assessment

Sample Post: Bane had been used to the harsh terrain of Paradise now, the name was a bit redundant, this place was a hell whole. He found solitude and relief as the air slipped through the cracks in his visor. Just then he heard a covenant phantom fly past over head. The turret on the bottom of the ship aimed at him, Bane stood up, thinking. -Why would it fly over head like that?- And just in time he turned to see a Zealot, clad in crimson armour lunging at him, Bane quickly turned grabbing its arm, and throwing the creature to the ground then quickly finishing it off with a stamp on its head, he then remembered. -Always in three's- And picked up the Energy sword and deflected the blade of Another Zealot, it lunged and missed, Bane ducked and cut across its waist severing the elite. the body slipped into two pieces. The third was out of site, and just then he heard the slightest twitch behind him, the energy glades about to pierce his body, he deflected it by bring his sword up into the way of the elites, the blades were locked. Bane pushed the blades aside and pushed his head forward head butting the elite, he jumped into the air doing a 360 turn dodging the elite blade and landed with both blades in the Zealots neck. "Almost broke a sweat." He remarked just remembering the Phantom.

He then turned his attention to it as he rolled down the hill from which he fought the Zealots as a large blast landed there sending the elites bodies in almost 40 different directions. He saw another, larger cliff ahead, the blasts from the grunts on the turrets he then remembered he had a spike grenade and some rope that would defiantly come in handy later. He ran up the hill and slid across the cold rocky cliff into a small cave, were he quickly attached the Rope to the Spike grenade, ran from the cave, shaking off a few plasma bolts from the plasma turrets, jumped into the air throwing the rope attached to the spike grenade, it wasn't activated. The spike grenade hit the front of the Phantom, right on its nose. And elite Field Marshall placed his hand on the phantom's upper part and lifted himself up and back flipped onto the top of the phantom, Bane's plan had worked he was on the phantom, but just as he had succeeded the elite kicked his right off, still attached to the rope, Bane started getting rode burn and smacking off walls as he was trailed along with the phantom, completely obliterating his shields he smacked off a hill and into the air above the phantom, the Marshall still standing beside the spike grenade, Bane equipped his pistol and fired off the spike grenade in the marshal's face, taking down his shields, Bane then entered free fall and landed in the stomach of the elite, crushing its organs and bones, killing it. He then stood up limping over to the nose of the phantom he smashed his hand into the phantom, tearing off a bit of the plating and placing his hand there. He grabbed on tight. Waiting for it to enter the clear, he then went into armour lock, the phantom began to sink, and then he came out of armour lock, EMPing the Phantom sending it into the ground which then propelled Bane forward onto the ground knocking him unconscious.

He then woke up in a pelican strapped in, he locked around. Seeing ODST's around him, they must of been tracking the Marshall, and found him. He managed to say something. "You had my gratitude soldiers..." He then blacked out again.
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