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 The UNSC Zeus

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The UNSC Zeus Empty
PostSubject: The UNSC Zeus   The UNSC Zeus I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 07, 2012 10:02 am

Type of Ship (Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Prowler): Battle-Ready Cruiser

Name: UNSC Zeus

Description of ship: A large cruiser ready for battle with Titanium-A battle plates and a little energy barrier around the engines and bridge that exhausts after one small plasma burst and takes almost the whole battle to reboot. The ship is easily 1,170 metres long and is similar to a Halcyon-Class Cruiser, but this vessel is more of a science and war Starship instead of a carrier of humans. ONI designates this Starship to be of a great advantage in the upcoming war years.

Battle Insignia: The UNSC Zeus TSC_Emblem2

Any and All Weapons: {Exterior} Three Super Magnetic Accelerator Cannons (SMAC); Fifty outer-mounted Point-defense M68 Asynchronous Linear-Induction Motor (M68 Gauss Cannon); twenty-five Archer pods {Interior} Hall-Mounted M46 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun's (LAAG's). {Armory} One Million variants of: DMRs, ARs, BRs, and RLs; Frag Grenades; Plasma Grenades; Shotguns; M9Ds; M7s; Combat knifes; Sniper Rifle System 99-S5 Anti-Materiel; Two Shiva Nukes; and Six Lotus Anti-Tank Mines. {Vehicles} Two-Dozen Warthog variants; Two-Dozen Mongooses; Fifteen Scorpion M808 B MBTs; Thirty Pelicans; and Twelve Falcons.

Story Featuring Your Ship: Newly commissioned, based on the Greek God of lightning, Zeus. She's ready for battle and will kill everything in her path!
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The UNSC Zeus
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