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 zaltol gailtienor

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PostSubject: zaltol gailtienor   Fri Apr 06, 2012 12:30 pm

name zaltol gailtienor

gender female

age 21 (human years)

date of birth september 5th 2534

height 2 meters

eye color ice blue

weapon of choice type 1 energy sword
type 25 plasma rifle
equipment cloaking module

method of combat zaltol generally refers to stealth then any thing else except when shes flying then she takes a more tactical look at things but then again most thing she does has stealth in it somewhere.

personality zaltol is shy when meeting some one new but when she knows you more she is more humorous and fun loving.

background:early zaltol was born into a family that had the father being a zealot of the covenant one day her father died. and her mother raised her not to trust any one except the people she knows.but when zaltol turned the age of five (human years)her mother died and she was sent to a sangheili orphanage.where she was adopted by a family whose father was a councilor. but one day her father came home looking worried he looked at zaltol worried. he took her outside and ran back inside he came out in an old set of minor armor. he grabbed her and ran away from the house. when he thought they were far enough her father began to become a metal maker. mainly because he worked on armor for the covenant. one day he got an idea and crafted 2 metal energy swords one for himself and one for zaltol who was now age 9. she worked as her fathers secretory and kept track of orders from the sangheili on the planet while her father was at work. he trained her in stealth and thievery she also learned greatly of how to fight hand to hand and with her metal sword.when she was old enough she went to the sangheili academy and trained in sabotage espionage and she studied further into the world of stealth. she exceeded all expectations and was made into a stealthy spec ops elite (major if we can't be spec ops)
first battle: her first day out of the academy she was assigned to a field marshall named sertheshin agovire. he gave her a stealth mission as it was her expertise. her and her partner the field mashall's son rashein agovire they were to raid a u.n.s.c. outpost named outpost epsilon. her and her partner followed a marine in. zaltol planted explosives in case they needed a quick way out they then sneaked into the vehicle depot. rashein planted explosives on all the vehicles as zaltol sneaked up on a marine trying to repair a scorpion tank. she threw him against the tanks side then stabbed her energy sword through him.she cloaked and grabbed the marine and its tools then held it up as if it was alive and she sneaked up on her partner. her partner turned to see the marine not seeing zaltol he growled and shot a needle into the dead human.zaltol then threw the marine under a warthog giggling as she faded into sight. rashein growled also giving a slight grin "now that your fun is over lets get to work you go kill that witch we are searching for i will check the computers for information." he told her she nodded in agreement then walked into the elevator and went up.
the doors opened zaltol had luckily activated her cloak because there in a solid white suit aside from the black fabric laced between the white metal pieces was a spartan. she pulled out her energy sword and steeped closer. she uncloaked letting a growl come from the back of her throat. the spartan turned to her and he began to shoot his assault rifle at her. she dodged behind a desk to think. she grinned as an idea popped into her head she kicked the desk making it slide toward the spartan. it jumped over the desk but befor it could hit the ground zaltol grabbed it and held it in the air.it began to shoot but she cut his assualt rifle in half she threw him through the wall witch lead onto the air pad she leaped out and stood there.the spartan pulled a knife and charged at her except she counteracted by diving under him knocking him to the ground. she stepped on his arms and took off its helmet then stabbed the blade through the demon then grinned and left the Spartan's body then went down to her partner who waited at the revenant.he looked at her mainly between her side and arm she held a demons helmet.she smiled and hopped in the revenant as her partner activated the explosives blowing the vehicles, doors, and computers up.
further on in life: since her first adventure she has collected more helmets that she keeps as prizes for herself she has her own phantom an award for her powerful flying skills. she is a very stealthy sangheili. she is a very resourceful sangheili and can whip any sangheili into one of her stealth operatives. she wishes to someday be in charge of her own squad but being a pilot and a stealth operative is fine. she can sneak past most human defenses now a days and she loves toying with who ever is her next commander twisting every thing they say to her own twisted way of doing things like during one of her favorite missions. she was ordered to fly in drop off some soldiers and get out she sorta did. she took an jet pack and some random phantom and saw a human pelican being prepared to leave she crashed her phantom down into the pelican wrecking it and the phantom but because of her piloting skills all of the men survived and she escaped in a banshee that she had carried as if she were dropping off a ghost or a wraith she flew back to her commander. he yelled at her but it was a test. he was not a commander who she favored but she was happy testing him just as much. she now helps out mainly in stealth missions instead of actual fights.

roleplay sample: she stood in front of her phantom grinning a sly grin "so who's in charge of the operation" a grunt looked at her seeing how she was the pilot "his names raptor hes a zealot and has a slight temper" she grinned "thanks little man" another sangheili stepped in the phantom he looked at her "it is nice to meet you zaltol now can you get us in with no casualties" "sure buddy okay fly boys get prepared" in 30 minutes they were on board u.n.s.c. frigate batompkins she enter through a service port and landed her improved phantom behind a pelican she then opened the doors and let her freinds out she saw from the corner of her eyes that some marines were talking a few meters away from them she turned on the ato pilot and when out to the side turret she gunned down the marines "go now and good luck me and the phantom will stay back and wait for you"
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zaltol gailtienor
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