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 Zazub the Spec Ops Unggoy

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General/Field Marshall
ZZ Sangheili Arlunis ZZ

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PostSubject: Zazub the Spec Ops Unggoy   Zazub the Spec Ops Unggoy I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 08, 2011 9:21 pm

Name: Zazub

Birth place: Balaho, the Unggoy homeworld

Personality: Generally the "class clown" of the team, Zazub often acts out in humerous ways, yet ends up ok, thanks to his heavy weapon and aim with plasma grenades.

History: Born on Balaho of 2546 in November, Zazub had his Father quicky taken away from him for combat, leaving Zazub's moter to care for him for the next 5 years. Since the childhood for an Unggoy goes quite quickly, Zazub was sent into the Covenant/Human war by age 6, already classified as a "teen" by Unggoy standards. Serving in battles nonstop for around 2 years, his skill in battle led him to be trained in Special Forces combat for around 5 months. After being assigned to a Spec Ops team led by Spec Ops Sangheili, named Ferand, Zazub, now 9 years of age, now serves his team leader, for assualts in difficult situations.

Preffered Weapon: Plasma Launcher and Plasma pistol.

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Zazub the Spec Ops Unggoy
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