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 Strike team mission

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General/Field Marshall
ZZ Sangheili Arlunis ZZ

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Strike team mission Empty
PostSubject: Strike team mission   Strike team mission I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 07, 2011 7:34 pm

Inside of a cave, Arlunis splashed his feet in the shallow water. He couldn't see anything. 2 other sangheili were with him for a strike mission. Arlunis looked riefly at both of them, then turned on a bioluminescent light. "We must go to the base our intelligence has led us, and destroy the demons who lurk there. We must go, now!" Arlunis said to the 2 zealots. Getting up, Arlunis walked quietly out of the cave, signaling wit his hand for the 2 zealots to follow. With several trees near the cave entrance, Arlunis and the zealots looked at the relatively small base just ahead of them. One of the zealots behind Arlunis named Dras'ta Shumbalee, said "The atmospheric vehicle they possess must not leave to warn the others of our presence." Arlunis agreed with a nod, then told both of them "Hurry, approach them from the left of the upward facing cliff." Arlunis, Dras'ta, and other zealot named Suba crouched and moved slowly and silently, with the massive cliff at their left. Arlunis then looked around, and determined the area was safe. Moving out from the cliff zone, he and the zealots ran direcly up the base's staircase. Arlunis then stopped suddenly, and activated his camo. The accompanying zealots did the same, as they all looked directly into the base. Seeing a spartan upload information into a data computer, Arlunis signaled the zealots to attack. Leaping down with thuds, Arlunis and the zealots landed and activated energy daggers along their wrists. Arlunis grabbed the spartan at the mouth as he was muffling in suprise, then quickly sliced his throaght. With a final sigh, the spartan's body went limp, and Arlunis simply dropped it to the floor. "Destroy the information source!" Arlunis yelled out to his comrads, as they tore at the super computer and ravagged it. Climbing up to the falcon vehcile overhead, Arlunis stuck a plasma grenade to it and watched it explode, burning in flames. "Well done, relay the coordinates to the drop ships!" Arlunis knew that more spartans were bound to have heard the destruction of the falcon, and that they would come to investigate. But he was ready for the fight, as his Covenant had sent him out with a purpose. A purpose for which Arlunis must not fail. Seeing a Spartan aim his sniper rifle, Arlunis ducked down below as the shot flew right above his head. "They know we're here, silence them!"
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Strike team mission
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