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 Noga Moramee

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PostSubject: Noga Moramee   Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:39 am

Name:Noga 'Moramee

Gender:Female(I'm a dude but I want to be the only female elite on the site)

Age: 24(human years)


Date of birth:october 28th,2530(human calender)

weight:275 pounds

height: 7'3

eye color: yellowish brown

weapons of choice:
Type-1 Energy Sword
Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle
Sangheili general combat harness
energy shielding
sprint armor module
Type-1 antipersonnel grenade

Peronality:Noga is very quite and when she does talk it is usually a battle speech to her comrades. She always does her orders and keeps her thoughts to herself. However when she is the commanding officer she is strict and any failures will be severely punished by herecy and exile.She as most sangheili prefer hand to hand combat and excels in assainateing targets due to her small body.

Bio:She was born on the planet sanghelios and was later accepted into the covenant army as a recon operative.She quickly climbed the ropes and became a elite sec ops earning her energy sword she went to her first major battle.
Her first battle was on the assaults of harvest she was stationed at a covenant citadel and was sent on a scouting mission when she encountered her first spartan the spartan miracourasly heard her and rushed her with one of the humans hand to hand weapons similiar to the jirahalnee. SHe quickly counter-attacked and tackled it to the ground she quickly ignited her energy sword and stabbing it restulting in akill satisfied she relayed amessage to the command center that there are human forces and returned to base later she earned several metals for her future successes.After being well known for her skills she skipped several ranks and became a zealot.

RP sample: I was leading a squad of minor elites for a assault on a nearby human outpost supposedly lightly guarded with about merely 50 marines and rumored to have one demon. As my squad marched on we were suddenly attacked by light fire by about 20 marines.I quickly yelled"take cover behind your deployable covers and use selective suppresive fire!" I quickly deployed my cover and swapped to my Needle rifle and shot a human in the head when one of the soldiers threw a plasma grenade in the middle of the group leaving about five quickly I killed the rest and switched to my energy sword yet still didn't ignite it. As we picked up our deployable covers and continued in a split second we were outnumbered when a large assault of about 30 marines and two warthhogs with a demon taking the lead. Within a second two of my men were dead from fire."back to cover this time stay in cover till I give my mark!!!" suddenly they had the cover up and even with the cover it slowly loss strength. seeing the cover will be dead in a second and the troops were all reloading and some were closing in I yelled "MARK!!!!!".I activated my two wrist blades and slit the throats of a squad of marines then seeing my troops were dead except for two I swapped to my sword and went on a all out onslaught cutting human after human into bits having the blood spray onto my armor it was just me and the demon.
It quickly ran at me with some kind of long knife and slashed for my head I quickly ducked and sliced at it's chest piercing the armor making it ooze red blood it grabbed the wound yet again slashed this time for my chest as well surprisingly it nicked me just in time I quickly felt a sharp pain in m shoulder and saw the tissue of my left arm was showing.It decided to attack with a one knee lunge I rolled to the side quickly got back up and decapitated the demon.I slowly walked to the outpost placing the remote explosive and started to limp back home about halfway there I turned around stopped to watch the blue orange fiery light show.

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PostSubject: Re: Noga Moramee   Fri Aug 05, 2011 9:06 pm

Very descriptive detail, well done!


Sorry for the inactivity around here, pretty much all my former rp'ers and friends are no longer here. However, feel free to
RPG and have fun!
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Noga Moramee
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