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Join up in the United Nations Space Command or the Covenant Empire. Fight for your belief, your honor, your survival.
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 Defending the Barracks

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Defending the Barracks Empty
PostSubject: Defending the Barracks   Defending the Barracks I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 2:06 pm

Israel entered the barracks. The soldiers looked at him. "That's a spartan." One of the marines said. Israel looked around wondering why they are all looking at him. A spartan started running to Israel. "Israel, Israel!"said the spartan. Israel looked at the spartan. "Ash, how are you?" asked Israel. "Just got back from disarming covenant explosives." said Ash. "So what bring you here?" "Oh, I'm here to go have a talk with Commander Sectra." said Israel. Israel and Ash keep walking, an alarm blares. "Defense position!"said Commander Sectra on the tannoy. Israel ran across the bridge to get into a Sniping pit. "Be safe." said Ash. "I'm always safe." replied Israel. Israel arrived at a sniping pit, a Phantom had appeared into the scene. Israel specified the Phantom, he saw, Grunt's, Jackals and Brutes. Israel reports to Ash. "I see Grunt's, Jackals and some Brutes." said Israel. The Phantom drops it's infantry. Israel shoots a grunt that tries to enter the base. The covenant force, get more suspicious. The UNSC marines begin shooting when they open the door. Israel shoot a Brute Chieftan, thena Jackal comes in. A heavy fire shooting on the covenant begin. A turret is shooting a Jackal sniper. Israel runs out of the sniping pit and goes to help the marines. Israel throws a fragmentation grenade at a few grunts. He gets shot by a fuel rod cannon, Israel takes cover to get his shield recharge for a few seconds. Israel the walks up, and see's a grunt has some Plasma Grenade, he picks them up throws them at the jackal and the grunt with the fuel rod cannon. A brute is seen rushing at him with Gravity hammer, looking at this chance, Israel jumps up, and the brute tries whacking his Gravity hammer at Israel, allowing him to jump over the brute, Israel gets out his knife and cuts the brutes neck. As that being the last of the attacking forces, they close the gate. Israel goes over to Ash. "That was awesome!" shouted Ash. "Just needed the mission done." said Israel. Israel takes of his helmet and takes a deep breath.
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Defending the Barracks
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