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 Fun at the Bar

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ZZ Sangheili Arlunis ZZ

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Fun at the Bar Empty
PostSubject: Fun at the Bar   Fun at the Bar I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 20, 2011 1:52 pm

Arlunis walked through the door and saw many Sangheili, Kig-yar, and Unggoy sitting at the tables. They were all chatting and laughing with each other as ceiling lights continuously changed from blue to orange, and vice versa. Arlunis was looking around, trying to find some friends. Battlecruiser commander Quarno and Arlunis's own officer, Gruudon, had wanted to meet him in this bar. Arlunis then heard somebody shout out of the noisy area, saying "Hey, Arlunis, over here! We saved a seat for ya!" Arlunis turned his head and saw Gruudon waving his arm at him. Arlunis smiled and walked over to them. "Hey guys, what's up? Sorry I couldn't get here any sooner" Arlunis said to them as he slided out the green-blue armchair and sat in it. "Nah, it's alright. We're always late sometimes, am I right?" Gruudon said as he spread his arms out with his hands stretched out. "Ain't that the truth? But, since we're all here now, let's get the drinks out!" Quarno yelled out to his comrades. "Let's get it on! Waitress, get some Rasket juice, will you please?" Quarno said to her as he turned around and waved his hand up. Arlunis leaned over to Quarno and said "She's a cut one, eh?" Arlunis started pushing Quarno's arm with his elbow saying "Eh? You like her don't you?" Gruudon starte to laugh and then pointed at Quarno, saying "Haha, he does! Just look, he's blushing!" Arlunis and Gruudon cracked up and were laughing so hard, Some Kig-yar at the table across from them looked over briefly, then went back to their own chat. Quarno looked at Arlunis and Gruudon, then said "Oh yeah? You guys like her too I bet." Arlunis brushed his eye while still laughing and said to Quarno "Yeah, she's cute, but I'm happily married. Gruudon has a young daughter with his new wife, but your single!" The Waitress Sangheili came back with a plate full of Rasket juice. "Here you go, guys. Enjoy" She said, the walked away to a table full of Unggoy. "Woo!" The guys all said, then picked up the juice and started guzzling it down.

"Man, this stuff is AWESOME!" Gruudon sid, with the green juice dripping down his mouth. "Hey, Gruudon, you got some stuff right around here." Arlunis said, pointing to the chin area. "Oh, ok" Gruudon put down the drink and wiped hi chin, but got more juice around it. It almost looked like a beard. "There, is that any better?" Gruudon said, looking at his friends with a funny look on his face. Arlunis and Quarno looked at each other, then back at Gruudon. Quarno began to chuckle, and then him and Arlunis laughed. Gruudon looked at them wit a confused face, then got up and looked at a mirror under the table that could fold upwards. He pulled the flap up and looked at his face. He saw the greenish beard, and looked back at Arlunis and Quarno, who were still laughing. "Oh, go to hell you guys." Gruudon himself started to laugh as well, and they all continuoued telling jokes and playing pranks on each other.
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Fun at the Bar
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