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 50% Camo prototype with template

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Major/Honor Guard

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PostSubject: 50% Camo prototype with template   Mon Jun 20, 2011 9:08 am

Ok so i've been working real hard on it but here it goes. I just finished the possibility of Camo prototypes.I WILL ONLY GIVE IT TO PEOPLE I THINK WORTHY. And I also need the Admins permission but here it is.


Which to you request: 50% or 60%. (you will need at least a hundred posts to get 60 or have a high rank)
Comfortatability additions: Cool down (High post rank) Stolen Camo (may flare up, High post rank required)
Warant: none. 5 posts(at least 30 posts). 10 posts(at least 100 posts)
Safegaurd: none. Yes(high post or regular rank)

OOC: The things in ()s, please dont put them in your topic. Well slug what do you think? PM me because im locking this topic.


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50% Camo prototype with template
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