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 Sangheili brute shot Modification

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General/Field Marshall
ZZ Sangheili Arlunis ZZ

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PostSubject: Sangheili brute shot Modification   Sat Jun 18, 2011 2:12 pm

Name: Heili shot

Creation date: 2550

Size: Handheld, Two-Handed (5.09 feet)

Weight: 56 lbs

Features: The brute shot was loaded with grenade amunition, but the Sanghili-modified shot is now loaded with plasma balls. Small rounded containment, with a texure similar to plastic. The plasma is superheated and, upon contact, will violently detonate with a blue-ish explsion, just like a plasma grenade. The overall color scheme is also very different. Instead of a simple grey color, it is now blue with some purple around the launch tube and grip. The grip is another new feature. Instead of holding with both hands, there is now a grip that will attach to the holders arm. However, due to the weight of the modified weapon, it is still recommended to hold it with both hands to make it steady. The aim, with help from the new grip, is much more accurate. The final change is the melee blade on the underside. This has now been changed, and now instead of a blade from the underside jutting up and down into a curve, it comes from the top and can be switched in and out, like a switchblade. The blade curve's downwards as it comes out. When it comes out, though, you must be careful so it it does not hit anyone or strike you.
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Sangheili brute shot Modification
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