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Join up in the United Nations Space Command or the Covenant Empire. Fight for your belief, your honor, your survival.
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Major/Honor Guard

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PostSubject: Edited Valhala   Edited Valhala I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 18, 2011 11:13 am

Basic Valhala with water fall bases and gravity lifts.
Hornets and Hawks on both bases. Speed 100% (300% for Zombies or Juggernaut when in infection or Juggernaut). If in Juggernaut of Infection the zombie or Juggernaut can only be killed with head shot, back shot, or back melee. 5 rocket launchers in each base. 7 spartan lasers 16 battle rifles. Infinity ammo. Behemoths permitted. Rocket Warthogs and regular warthogs availible (* of regular 3 of rocket). Death if you jump out of a flying vehicle while in the air.

Play will take place in new topic

Dragon (Spartan-024)

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Edited Valhala
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